Silver HealthLink (“SHL”) is a state-of-the-art digital health solution developed to meet the needs of home care service providers, operators of retirement homes and long-term care facilities, and government services to address their clients’ complex, wide-ranging and changing needs, which can involve multiple chronic conditions and transitions between different care settings. SHL facilitates collaborative work with the health care providers to promote positive health outcomes as well as an improved quality of life in a proactive and patient-centered ways.

Silver HealthLink provides your organization with a competitive advantage, unique offering to patients and public/private payers, and increased revenue; this also provides your clients and families with better care and peace of mind and your caregivers better job satisfaction.

SHL developed by experts in the fields of type 2 diabetes management, virtual care, and digital health to provide proactive chronic conditions management. This user-friendly application can be used by patients and/or with the support of Home Care Nurse; monitoring data can also be transferred directly from bluetooth enabled devices. The application generates visuals and analytics to provide patients with optimal care and continuous monitoring. It also includes educational videos that are based on the current conditions of the patient using our proprietary algorithm that are based on different countries Clinical Practices Guidelines.

The application generates comprehensive medical reports for review by family physician and specialists facilitating the integration of Silver HealthLink with the health care system. This reduces the requirement of clinic visits by patients. In addition to diabetes management, SHL includes data collection for diabetes complications and other chronic illness such as Asthma, Cardiovascular, and Chronic Kidney disease.

Chronic Disease Care Models

We worked with specialists in different fields including endocrinology, cardiology, internal medicine, and geriatric medicine to develop Silver HealthLink and its integration models for collaborative care. Among these models is for diabetes care. Diabetes is ranked second behind congestive heart failure as the primary diagnosis at entry into home care. The projected increase in the size of the age group 65 and over in future years, as well as the projected increase in the incidence of diabetes, underscore the importance of the diabetes home health care services.

Care for elders with diabetes is often more challenging compared with that of elderly people without diabetes; SHL is a tool to simplify this challenge and save caregivers time. No two elderly people are alike and every person with diabetes needs a customized diabetes care plan. Some elders are healthy and can manage their diabetes on their own, while others may have one or more diabetes complications. Others may be frail, have memory loss and/or have several chronic diseases in addition to diabetes. The following care services are customizable in accordance to the patient's requirement and the service provider's available resources.



Diabetes Nurse Educators provide clients, their family members, and their caregivers with education about diabetes, how to manage it, their medication, administration of insulin (if required), their care plan, and available support resources. DHC includes educational videos to for sustained self-education.


Patients or with the assistance of the home care nurse will record their self-monitoring data into DHC as recommended by their physicians. These data will be reviewed every three months by diabetes nurse educator to provide recommendation on lifestyle changes and physicians treatment recommendations.

Virtual Care

Diabetes nurse educators and physicians can virtual access patient’s information using DHC (through secure access) for continuous monitoring and provide recommendation to caregivers. DHC has a notification system, this system is set in accordance to the patient’s health care providers recommendation.

Coordination of Care

Home care nurses are the liaison among members of the health care team, patients, family members, and caregivers. DHC generates comprehensive medical reports for patient’s health care providers that can be viewed virtually or sent by email. Health care providers’ recommendation will be implemented by caregivers.

Functional Assessment Tools

functional SHL provides automated functional assessment tools to assist your organization and the health care providers to identify the most suitable care methods and caregivers to support your clients, among these are:
  • Assessment of Activities of Daily Living
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Mini-Mental State Exam
  • Global Deterioration Scale
  • Timed Up and Go Test
  • The Clock Drawing Test
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE)
  • Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk
  • Revised Faecal and Urinary Incontinence Scales
  • Aggression Scale


  • Assess your organization current and required resources to deliver diabetes home care services
  • Develop diabetes care programs to meet the needs of your organization
  • Customize SHL application to meet your specific needs
  • Training on diabetes management and point-of-care diagnostic tools

Diabetes Task Force Solutions

DTFS team consists of professional healthcare providers, and patients with considerable business expertise, to ensure that our solutions are evidence based, comprehensive, cost effective, and sustainable. Our team members have worked with a number of organizations to develop unique; evidence based comprehensive diabetes prevention and management programs ranging from education to community-based prevention and management models, and to state-of-the-art virtual diabetes center.


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